The Pratt Knot

Pratt Knot is known by many names: Shelby, inverted halfwindsor, American or American classic. Deputy Windsor Favorite in the US knot fits perfectly into the American way of life, because it looks very niepretensjonalnie and easier than it is associated node windsorski. If the tie has a thick lining, you can fill out a notch… Read More »

The Kelvin Knot

Kelvin node has only just begun its triumphal march of supporters tie. Thanks to small, elegant and symmetrical shape soon probably gain more fans. Inverted and charming Kelvin knot was named after the famous British physicist and mathematician of the nineteenth century. Presumably the name occurred to masters Fink and Mao, as Lord Kelvin came… Read More »

The Kent Knot

Taking into account the number of steps, the least complicated the node Kent – also known as node „simple”, though commonly referred to as a simple Four-in-hand. The smallest node Kent knot is also known under the name „little knot” and this term very well it suits him: he has less movement than entangling Four-in-hand.… Read More »

The Four-in-hand knot

This node – still sometimes called „node in four”, not without reason, it is also referred to as a simple – very easy to get it binds and even among tie news immediately impressive. Four-in-hand is much multifunction: in combination with different materials suitable for almost any fashion collar. Four-in-hand knot is still „initiating”, which every… Read More »